Clinical Facial

Skin cleansing by exfoliating and mask application. Removes dead cells and open pores providing better skin hydration and nourishment. Gives the skin healthier and younger look.

Superfrecator Treatment

Uses a high-frequency electrical current to deliver a precise spark through a microneedle. Permanently removes most types of skin growths, tags, age spots, moles, warts, cholesterol deposits, age & sun spots, etc.

Classic European Facial:

Helps to achieve and maintain healthy skin complexion. Includes several procedures such as deep pore cleansing, steam with exfoliation, manual face massage, and soothing mask. Results in youthful, refine, and vibrant skin.

Permanent Make Up

Perfect way to enhance or correct eyebrows, eyes, and lips without a hassle of applying regular make up every single day.


Very popular cosmetic procedure in which the top layer of the skin is abraded away removing superficial layer of dead skin to stimulate the production of new skin cells. Diminishes fine lines, scars, and skin discoloration. Makes the skin look healthy and vibrant….

Ultrasound Facial:

Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, nourishes the skin, makes cosmetic products work more efficiently by penetrating into the deeper skin layers. Accelerates metabolism, expels the old cuticle, helps to remove black spots and pigments, gives the skin a glowing look.

Golden Facial

This age-defying treatment uses pure 24 karat gold to strengthen skin firmness and elasticity, provides superior hydration and smoothness. Pure gold decreases skin inflammation, reduces fine wrinkles and age spots, helps restore skin softness and radiance.

Chemical Peel

High performance treatments use different combinations of chemicals to get rid of fine lines & wrinkles, acnes, skin discoloration, pigmentation, etc., resulting in much more youthful and vibrant skin.

Collagen Galvanic Therapy:

The anti-aging face-lifting treatment uses galvanic current to deliver collagen to deeper skin level achieving higher tightness and elasticity of the skin and wrinkles reduction.

Oxygen Therapy:

Uses continuous flow of concentrated oxygen delivered to the skin. Helps different nutrients and vitamins to effectively penetrate the skin resulting in its healthy glow.

Micro-Needle Therapy:

Used with derma pen, micro roll in conjunction with different skin care products promoting their full absorption by stimulating the target area.


Gently scraping the top layer of dead skin to reveal smoother, brighter skin complexion.

Face Waxing:

Eyebrows, lips, chin, cheeks…

Back Treatment:

A wide range of formulation is used to diminish skin conditions such as acne, dryness, uneven skin tone, and others.

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