Classic European Facial:

Helps to achieve and maintain healthy skin complexion. Includes several procedures such asĀ  deep pore cleansing, steam with exfoliation, manual face massage, and soothing mask. Results in youthful, refine, and vibrant skin.

Permanent Make Up:

Perfect way to enhance or correct eyebrows, eyes, and lips without a hassle of applying regular make up every single day.


Very popular cosmetic procedure in which the top layer of the skin is abraded away removing superficial layer of dead skin to stimulate the production of new skin cells. Diminishes fine lines, scars, and skin discoloration. Makes the skin look healthy and vibrant….

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About Us

Anna BrohinHi, my name is Anna Brohin.
I have been in skin care business for 35 years. I worked in couple of prestigious beauty salons in Moscow where I am from and for a long time I was training skin care specialists throughout Russia. I was also a prize winner of European contests of cosmetology.

After emigration I worked in Boston, Ma and nineteen years ago opened salon in Newport Beach, Orange county (340 Old Newport boulevard). In 2003 I moved to a new location at 2020 Newport boulevard in Costa Mesa, Orange county.

So what you can expect from visiting “European skin Care by Anna”?

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